Written By: Deborah Gross

Warren Barhorst, President and CEO of Iscential, joined the WFE on May 19, 2016 to share his thoughts and strategies on enhancing personal and business relationships.

“Growth and popularity are about connecting in a world where people feel less and less connected,” says Barhorst. Growth at highly successful companies like Facebook were based on building a connecting culture. Today everyone is sold to and is selling. In order to stand out from the crowd and noise, Barhorst recommends developing a connecting culture that is an integral part of your business game plan going forward. This is true whether your goal is to conquer the world, grow your business, raise your kids or just hold on to what you have. He says that “We must learn to make meaningful connections. The need to be needed is one of our most fundamental needs. All of this starts with the right mindset.” The question to ask yourself, he says, is “How are you visualizing and communicating to build a connecting culture in your life?” Barhorst suggested that a connecting culture is one that that not only knows the “what” and the “how” but can communicate and believes in the “why” of your business.

Warren Barhorst is the President and CEO of Iscential, which is a private risk management, insurance and financial services firm he founded in 1993. In addition, he is a Principal and Managing Partner of Renovo Partners, LLC a business management-consulting company. Over the past twenty-five years, Warren has established himself as a thought leader in the field of entrepreneurship, risk management as well as teaching business owners how to get the wealth out of their company. He wrote and published his first book, Game Plan, The Definitive Playbook to Starting and Growing Your Business in 2008 and his second book, Game Plan, The Definitive Playbook for Selling in the Connection Culture was released in February 2016.