Written By: Colleen Nichols
Phyllis Saathoff, Chief People Officer of the Port of Houston Authority, joined the WFE on October 15 to provide an overview of the Port of Houston and global trade. The Port Authority committed $275 million for various capital projects over the course of the 2015 calendar year and is undertaking significant infrastructure improvements to ensure that the Port of Houston can accommodate the advent of larger vessels and increased cargo resulting from the pending Panama Canal expansion in 2016. The Port of Houston is ranked #1 U.S. Port by Foreign Waterborne Tonnage and #1 U.S. Port in Petroleum. If Texas were a nation, it would have the 13th largest economy in the world right behind Canada and Australia. The Port of Houston’s leading trade partners by tonnage (combined import/export) are Brazil, China and Mexico and by dollar value are China, Brazil and Germany.

The Port of Houston Authority is a Governmental subdivision chartered by the State and governed by a seven-member Commission. The Commission is appointed by Harris County, the City of Houston and other neighboring cities. It owns/operates eight public terminals.

WFE members and guests were provided with a great update on the Port of Houston Authority that they will be able to use when educating their own clients and referral networks. This was our highest attendance after the Economic Update!