Venita Zavidny, Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager with Mercer Advisors, spoke to the WFE on March 15th at the Briar Club to provide guidance on personal financial planning

Venita started by giving advice on how to maintain awareness of your total net worth, all by focusing on paying yourself first. She outlined a way to deploy a disciplined or automatic approach to achieving this and illustrated a manner to keep track of where you are. Next, Venita talked to the group about ordinary people with extraordinary wealth to give examples of what healthy savings attitudes and practices can help you achieve.  Attitude is EVERYTHING!

When it comes to investing, Venita gave the group guidance on ignoring hyperboles, being patient, and diversifying risk.  Following those rules, the odds will tend to be in your favor over the long run.

The group asked a lot of great questions to which Venita answered with great examples and advice!