Written By: Deborah Gross

Christine Spray, nationally recognized business development keynote speaker and two time best-selling author, spoke to WFE about integrating office politics into any successful strategy.

The presentation covered wide ranging issues and strategies including: understanding the purpose and benefits of strategic office politics, setting boundaries and ground rules for new employees, learning to influence and interact effectively among colleagues, managing various personality types in office, gaining support and effectively networking and recognizing your role in your group.

After working in public accounting and industry in senior leadership roles with start-up, restructuring and growth responsibilities, Christine founded Strategic Catalyst, Inc. As Founder and President of Strategic Catalyst, Christine serves as a CEO and business advisor with a passion for helping people and companies grow. In addition to her role at Strategic Catalyst, Spray launched the National Business Development Association (NBDA) to fill the need for a national trade association to provide best practices to individuals whose primary responsibility is generating business for their organization. Spray also serves as Chair and National Speaker for Vistage International, the world’s leading chief executive organization.